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Here's info about driving & flying to Daytona Beach, getting around once you're here,
plus where to park your trailer, as well as driving on the beach if you choose to do so, and tides.

Driving to Daytona Beach

Driving to the Daytona Beach area is easy, as two of the state's major interstates intersect here - Interstate 95, which runs north and south and Interstate 4, which comes in from the west and southwest (Orlando, Lakeland, Tampa, etc.). Other major roads leading into the area are U.S. Highway 1 from the north & south; U.S. Highway 92 from the west; State Route 40 from the west which connects directly to Interstate 75 in Ocala; and scenic Highway A1A along the Atlantic coastline.

From Ft. Lauderdale/Miami:
From Miami or Ft. Lauderdale take Interstate 95, North. Take exit numbers 256 through 273. Go east toward cruise venues, riverfront and beachside locations.
Ft. Lauderdale - Daytona Beach 230 miles
Miami - Daytona Beach 254 miles

From Savannah and Jacksonville:
Take Interstate 95, South. At exit number 261A, take U.S. 92 east toward cruise venues, riverfront and beachside locations.
Jacksonville - Daytona Beach 93 miles
Savannah - Daytona Beach 234 miles

From Tampa and Orlando:
Take Interstate 4 from Tampa or Orlando heading east. Take exit number 132A and go north on Interstate 95. At exit number 261A, take U.S. 92 east toward cruise venues, riverfront and beachside locations.


Orlando - Daytona Beach 54 miles
Tampa - Daytona Beach 139 miles
Flying to Daytona Beach

You may want to take advantage of direct flights between Daytona Beach International Airport  and Atlanta, via Delta daily. There are also non-stop daily roundtrip flights between Charlotte NC and Daytona Beach via US Airways. Visit for details. Daytona Beach International Airport is situated immediately south of Daytona International Speedway and is accessed from U.S. 92 or Williamson Blvd. via Midway Blvd.

Getting Around Once You're in Daytona Beach

Once you've arrived in Daytona Beach, there are many convenient ways to get around. See

Trailer Parking 

Complimentary Trailer Parking for Guests at El Caribe Resort & Conference Center: If you're trailering your special vehicle to the Daytona Beach Dream Cruise and you need a place to park your trailer and towing vehicle, be aware that the El Caribe at  2125 S. Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach offers complimentary trailer & support vehicle parking for its guests.You can reach the El Caribe at 386-252-1558 or 800-445-9889.

Free Trailer Parking in downtown Daytona Beach adjacent to Armed Forces Reserve CenterYou'll find free trailer parking for 2016 at the same terrific location used the past few years -  in downtown Daytona Beach adjacent to the Armed Forces Reserve Center. This is just across Basin Street from Blue Grotto, our terrific Sunday gathering location. The exact address of the Armed Forces Reserve Center site is 231 Basin Street. You'll be parking on grass. Please do not park on pavement and do not park in any areas used by boaters for their personal vehicles or for boat trailers. Also, do not park in areas by the circular driveway closest to the brick building that houses the Armed Forces Reserve Center. Click on the links below to see aerial photos showing where parking for trailers and towing vehicles will be available.

Click Here for
Wide Angle Aerial Photo Showing Site for Free Trailer Parking

Click Here for
Zoomed-in Aerial Photo Showing Site for Free Trailer Parking

Parking at the Armed Forces Reserve Center location is free, but you need to get a parking pass at the office of the Harbormaster at the Halifax Harbor Marina, 450 Basin St., Daytona Beach 32114 (in the white two-story building at the far end of the road that goes by Blue Grotto and the Armed Forces Reserve Center). You'll be able to get your free parking pass from 7 am to 6 pm. The phone number at the Harbormaster's office is 386-671-3601. If you arrive at a time other than when the Harbormaster's office is open, there will be a security guard on site who can give you a free parking pass. The phone number for the security guard is 386-290-0221. When you get your free parking pass, you'll need to provide a description of your support vehicle and trailer, including license numbers, and provide your contact information (name, address & cell phone number) and how long you anticipate parking at this location. 

Security is not provided at this Armed Forces Reserve Center site. Parking here is at your own risk. The security guard who monitors the Halifax Harbor Marina does not oversee the Armed Forces Reserve Center site. Please be courteous of others and try not to block anyone. There's plenty of space for everyone. 

You cannot stay in your vehicle overnight at the Armed Forces Reserve Center site. If your tow vehicle is a motorhome, you'll need to go to an alternate location. Their are two area campgrounds on the Recommended Hotel List accessed from the Where to Stay page of this web site.

Beach Driving & Tides - This is not updated for 2017. Check the links below.

If you wish to experience driving on the sands of the World's Most Famous Beach, please be advised that during the  Daytona Beach Dream Cruise,  the beach will be open to vehicles from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. There is a $10 per day per vehicle user fee to drive on the beach charged by the VolusiaCounty government. For more information, visit .

At , click on the button on the left side "Beach driving and parking" to see helpful maps showing beach access ramps.

During the 2014 Daytona Beach Dream Cruise, Tides on the beach will be as follows:

Fri.   Oct. 24 - Low at 2:27 am, High at 8:49 am, Low at 3:04 pm, High at 9:04 pm
Sat.  Oct. 25 - Low at 3:06 am, High at 9:30 am, Low at 3:44 pm, High at 9:45 pm
Sun. Oct. 26 - Low at 3:45 am, High at 10:13 am, Low at 4:26 pm, High at 10:28 pm

During the 2014 Daytona Beach Dream Cruise, Sunrise and Sunset times will be as follows:

Fri.   Oct. 24 - Sunrise at 7:31 am;  Sunset at 6:44 pm
Sat.  Oct. 25 - Sunrise at 7:32 am;  Sunset at 6:43 pm
Sun. Oct. 26 - Sunrise at 7:33 am;  Sunset at 6:43 pm