Seven Things To Avoid With A Roofing Company And Its Roof Repair

Hiring a roofing contractor is not something you can just go about “willy nilly”. Hiring the right roofers requires a lot of research; and knowing how to hire at the right time. 

With this in mind, we are going to showcase a few tips to help ensure you do not fall victim to some of the more common roofing scams happening as we speak. 

1. Try to avoid (if you can) those who go door-to-door looking for business. They might show up after a major storm in the neighborhood. They might also just be lurking about looking for something to do. 

Either way, the last thing you should do is invite them into your home. Most of the time, these contractors are going to have very little documentation and licensing (if any at all) to back up what they are selling. 

That is why you need to be very aware of who comes knocking on your door. 

2. Are you, friends, with any of your neighbors? Do you have family or friends that have had work done? Ask them for some advice.IN other words, talk to those you know about how their work went. That will give you some idea of which way to turn.

Most people, when asked, are very willing to give you their opinions. Some give their opinions even when they are not asked. You should have no problems finding someone who can offer you advice (in some form or another).

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3. Ask the guys (or girls) if they have any references. Most should have no problem sharing their previous work with you.

It is called a portfolio. Most experienced professionals have one to back up their claims. Those who feel uncomfortable doing that should not be trusted. They are looking for you to trust them in their words. Sorry, but someone’s word of honor cannot be trusted anymore. 

There was a time when someone’s word was their bond. Not anymore. They need to show you a proof of what they are selling. Do not let anyone inside (your home) that wants you to trust them right away. Trust is earned, not given.

4. Go online and look at the credible sites for your research. Sites like Hometown and the BBB will verify any sources you give the system. The system will tell you which companies are registered, licensed, bonded, etc. 

Do not just hire a fly-by-night company because you are desperate and have no money. Most experienced and professional companies will find some way of working with your financial situation. That is because they have probably worked for someone in your situation before. 

They know what you are up against. 

5. Are you receiving some very low prices that seem too good to be true? That is a sign that something is wrong. One reason some companies offer low prices is that they skimp in other areas. They might purchase materials for next to nothing. Those materials might be cheap, but so is the quality. The last thing you want is cheap roofing materials to be placed on your roof. 

That is just one of the reasons why you need to look for something more than just a low quote. Take a look at where the company gets its products. Are the products durable? will you need to hire them back within a few months due to the job being incomplete? 

These are all things you need to look at. 

6. Always, and, we mean, always, ask the company staff to show you their credentials. We know this tip might be on “repeat”, but you would be amazed at how many people do not ask for this information. 

You need to trust the person who is coming in to work on your roof. Any company that does not have credentials should not be allowed into your home. We want to repeat this one because it is one of the more important points to make.

7. You never pay the person upfront for the work. At best, you can pay them 10% of the deposit. You do not pay anything unless the work is completed. Otherwise, they can just collect the money and run. Most fly-by-night operations are guilty of this. Payment comes after the work, not before. We have seen cases where the opposite happens. Unfortunately, these people never get their money back. 

Please, learn from these mistakes.