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 Official Keepsake Photos like the image of the '56 Ford F-100 pickup below
On Fri. & Sat., Oct. 26 & 27, 2012, Official Keepsake  Photos were shot of collector cars & trucks that checked-in at the oceanfront lot on A1A north of the Bermuda House Hotel. Due to windy conditions with a threat of rain those days, make-up photos were shot Sun., Oct 28 when it was sunny. 

Everyone can down- load any of the high-resolution unrestricted Official Keepsake Photos from this web site and use them however they desire.  Everyone can make  enlargements or prints of any size. This was made possible by NAPA Auto Parts, 945 Int'l Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach 32114. 386-258-6188

Official Keepsake Photos of special cars & trucks that participated in 2012's Daytona Beach Dream Cruise can be seen by clicking on the following link. These photos shot Fri. 10/26 and Sat.10/27 at the oceanfront check-in lot on A1A north of the Bermuda House Hotel show big waves that resulted from Hurricane Sandy 200 miles away out in the Atlantic Ocean. Some participating vehicles had Official Keepsake Photos shot when it was sunny on Sun. 10/28 by the ocean or at Blue Grotto at the Halifax Harbor Marina Park in downtown Daytona Beach.

Free 2012 Official Keepsake Photos made possible by NAPA Auto Parts, with stores everywhere and two terrific local stores, Triple Crown Auto Parts, at 945 W. Int'l Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, 32114 and Triple Crown Auto Parts at 4651 S. Ridgewood Ave., Port Orange, 32127

Click on the links below to see lots of 2012 photos shot by attendees. These photos show activities Friday & Saturday in the vicinity of the Bermuda House Hotel and LaPlaya Resort on A1A. There are also photos shot during Saturday afternoon & evening activities in Ponce Inlet and on Sunday at Blue Grotto adjacent to Halifax Harbor Marina Park in downtown Daytona Beach.
If you shot photos at 2012's event you'd like to display in this album, send them to Rick as described at right. Photos that you shot at the 2012 event can be added to this album for everyone to enjoy. Simply email them to  or snail mail photos on a CD or DVD to Rick D'Louhy, 108 Rio Pinar Dr., Ormond Beach 32174  or            call Rick at (386) 672-1861
115 photos in Tim Wilson's Sunday album x   Click here to see 2012 Daytona Beach Dream Cruise Sunday images by Tim Wilson - compiled by Tim in this special album for everyone's enjoyment.
88 photos - in Gary Rosier's Friday album plus and 73 more in his Sunday album - both of these albums accessed from 
x   Click here to see 2012 Daytona Beach Dream Cruise Friday images by Gary Rosier on   x  Click here to see Gary Rosier's Sunday images at Blue Grotto by the Halifax Harbor Marina on       Many of Gary Rosier's Friday & Saturday images were captured at the oceanfront check-in location where Rick D'Louhy shot Official Keepsake Photos. Lighting was a challenge both days due to strong backlighting from massive white waves behind the vehicles.
242 photos in Gary Rosier's Saturday album

x  Click here for Gary Rosier's 2012 Saturday pics   
174 photos in Bob Nichols'  Saturday album

x   Click here to see 2012 Daytona Beach Dream Cruise Saturday images by Bob Nichols -  compiled by Bob Nichols in this special album for everyone's enjoyment. 

473 photos shot by Mark D'Angelo on Sunday in a special album prepared by Bob Nichols
 Click here to see 2012 Daytona Beach Dream Cruise Sunday images by Mark D'Angelo. 238 of these great photos were snapped early that morning in sunny conditions at the same oceanfront setting that was cloudy & windy the prior two days. Thanks also to Mark for helping arrange a great group of cars for shooting from above. Later Sunday, Mark shot 135 photos at Blue Grotto - compiled by Bob Nichols in this special album for everyone's enjoyment. 
Story & Photos - Joe Greeves covered the event for Auto Enthusiast Weekly by Amos Publishing
Click here to see 2011 Daytona Beach Dream Cruise Saturday images shot by Joe Greeves and accompanying story about the event in Auto Enthusiast Weekly - Vol 1 Issue 33 (view pages 35 thru 38 when this link opens)


You can see 2008 & 2009 photos shot by individual attendees by clicking the green link to the right.

Video 1 is 8 min 33 sec
Video 2 is 8 min 21 sec
Video 3 is 1 min 43 sec
Video 4 is 4 min 13 sec
Video 5 is 5 min 21 sec
Video 6 is 5 min 43 sec
Video 7 is 5 min 26 sec

Click here to see eight (8) albums of photos shot at the Dream Cruise in 2008 & 2009 by people who attended the event and contributed them for everyone's enjoyment

Click on the numbers below to view videos of the 2010 Daytona Beach Dream Cruise put on YouTube 

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If you shot video at the event, please send it to us so we can share it with everyone.
Whenever we receive a new video, we'll create a link here.
If you'd like your video from the
Daytona Beach Dream Cruise to be seen here, snail mail it to:
Geoff Hacker, 6306 Memorial Hwy, Tampa, 33615