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This information has been updated for the 11th Annual Daytona Beach Dream Cruise on October 26-28, 2018. You can register your vehicle using the form at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

After reading the information below, scroll down on this page to register your collector car or truck for the Oct. 26-28-28, 2018 Daytona Beach Dream Cruise. After you've registered online, we'll be able to inform you by email of updates about activities and venues, so you'll have a better idea of what to do, where to go, and when, so you will have the best experience at the Daytona Beach Dream Cruise!

Two Days for Check-in. Choose Fri. or Sat. Depending on Your ScheduleCheck-in either Fri. or Sat. during the 2018 Daytona Beach Dream Cruise.  It is suggested that you check-in and get your free photo shot on Friday, Oct. 27, if your schedule allows, because more vehicles are able to attend on Saturday, so the photo line may be longer.

Riverfront Park is the Location for 2018 Check-in- Collector car & truck check-in will take place at Riverfront Park along Beach Street in downtown Daytona Beach on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 26 & 27, 2018.  As each vehicle is checked-in, the owner will receive a windshield sticker, goody bag and card to fill out for on-site registration.

You may park your vehicle as guided by the parking staff or get in line for your photograph with the Halifax River in the background.  Pictures aren't taken until after 10:00 am when the lighting is better with the sun higher in the sky. That image will be enhanced and the "Official Keepsake Photo" will be uploaded to the website for downloading by early 2018 This is free, thanks to AAA and NPD. 

You will be able to display your collector car or truck on the lawn in beautiful Riverfront Park until 5:00 on Friday and Saturday, although the official hours are 9 am to 3 pm. Precise times for check-in, photo-shooting and display in Riverfront Park will be noted on the schedule page of this website. 

In addition, maps and aerial photos are on the directions page, showing the exact location within Riverfront Park where you'll come to check-in and where collector cars and trucks will be displayed. Also shown are areas where there will be free parking for spectator vehicles. Again for 2018, there is no registration fee to participate in the Daytona Beach Dream Cruise.

All years of collectible cars and trucks are eligible to participate in the Daytona Beach Dream Cruise. 

If you have difficulty registering online with the form below - it may not be compatible with all browsers. Try again with another browser.   


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